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Thank you for your interest in „finehome“ and our real estate and relocation services. We are offering you in the canton Zug and Ägeri highest quality support in all areas related to real estate transactions – provided by one single, competent point of contact – reliable in all administrative and legal steps, executed discreetly and according to your specific personal wishes.

Our optional relocation services assure that you can move and settle in the canton Zug and Ägeri with a minimum of personal and administrative effort. They are designed for everyone who wants to continue to focus on their business or other activities, those who are not sure about the necessary administrative or legal steps to take, or simply those who want to assure they settle quickly and smoothly for every member of the family. We know the region and offer a long, very practical experience in relocation and can connect you to a large network of qualified partners.
For everything we do, I am personally in charge. Let’s connect!

Do you want to sell or rent out your real estate, or are you looking for a new home?

Tradition meets a modern, entrepreneurial and international community – the canton of Zug and especially the Aegeri valley are a highly interesting place to live.

After many years of working, living and connecting here, we can help you understand the particularities of the many micro – markets in the area and help have the best solution for your personal real estate project.

Immobilien Relocation im Kanton Zug und Ägerital fine-home.ch

You want to sell your real estate?

Every real estate is specific and highly individual. Besides finding the right price and offering strategy, many aspects need to be considered, p.e. legal, financial or tax implications. Together we will assure that your sale project is well prepared and executed. During the full transaction, as our client of finehome, you are at the center of our attention and can be sure to receive a highly reactive, complete and open advice.

I will be delighted to explain and discuss our full services in a personal consultation.

Immobilien Relocation im Kanton Zug und Ägerital fine-home.ch

You want to rent out your real estate?

We will be happy to assist you to find the right tenant for your apartment or house. With my long personal, international cultural experience, I can fine-tune and calibrate your search to assure that the risks involved in renting out can be minimized.

finehome helps with a profound analysis of the real estate in the current market and competitive offering. We can offer to help throughout the whole selection process so that your personal time efforts are minimized. As example, we organize the site visits, help with the personal and financial background checks and accompany the contractual execution closely.

My goal is a straightforward, efficient and smooth collaboratinn throughout the whole process of finding the right tenant.

I am looking forward to meet you.

Immobilien Relocation im Kanton Zug und Ägerital fine-home.ch

Are you looking for the right house or apartment?

We will start to work out your personal request / search profile, then I will start looking for your perfect next home. Here, I will include all objects that are on the market, plus include objects that are not yet on the public market but known to my vast network.

I will be happy to take over a first screening of the opportunities and make a pre-selection to assure you use your valuable time best. During the whole process, you will receive regular status and progress updates.

If you wish so, I can connect you to competent specialists for all legal and financial aspects of the transaction.

… and help even after the transaction is closed – to find the right partners for renovations, moving in, find the right school, sports club, baby-sitters, pet care, etc?

I am happy to help.

Immobilien Relocation im Kanton Zug und Ägerital fine-home.ch

Your new home in the Aegeri valley or Zug?

During my personal time in foreign countries, I could gain a lot of very positive and inspiring experience, yet there were also some stressful moments related to different habits and expectations.

It showed me that the standard „Package-Offers“ provided relocation companies for big international firms did not always meet the individual needs of the expats – whether it was single, couple or family.

This is why I decided to provide an individual, personal service with a complete assistance – even after the right house is found.

In my experience it makes all the difference to a successful expat assignment when the family does not only arrive, but really settles in and feels well in the new location.

Let me help you and your expats to make a relocation into the canton Zug and Ägeri a true success story!

I am happy to provide my services in German, English, French or Italian.

Immobilien Relocation im Kanton Zug und Ägerital

Get to know me personally.

After graduation in Law from Passau university in Germany, I have quickly discovered my passion for real estate management and can therefore look back at more than 25 years of experience in the field.

Professional expatriation in France, Italy and Switzerland has helped me gain the deep understanding for the specific and different needs of international clients. Since 2010 I have settled with my family in Oberägeri.

I am happy to provide my services in German, English, French or Italian.